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MLC Cancer Foundation Founders Shine on WDBJ: A Sneak Peek into A Pink Event 2023

The vibrant city of Martinsville, Virginia, is buzzing with excitement as the 15th annual A Pink Event draws near. But before the grand day arrives, our dynamic founders, Pat and Telesa Via, had the unique privilege of being interviewed on CBS affiliate WDBJ. The airwaves lit up as the power duo shared their remarkable journey and insights, offering a sneak peek into the monumental event scheduled for this Saturday.

Unveiling the Story Behind A Pink Event:

The interview was an opportunity for Pat and Telesa Via to reveal the heartwarming backstory of the MLC Cancer Foundation and the inspiration behind A Pink Event. With genuine passion, they spoke of their shared vision to create an event that educates, supports, and uplifts those touched by cancer.

The Journey of Resilience:

Pat and Telesa's journey has been marked by resilience and the unwavering belief that unity and knowledge can combat cancer's devastating effects. They shared personal anecdotes, touching on their experiences and the profound impact their work has had on countless lives.

A Pink Event 2023: A Glimpse into What's Coming:

As the interview continued, the focus shifted towards the highly anticipated A Pink Event on Saturday. The founders gave us a glimpse into what attendees can expect: a day filled with educational symposiums, health fairs, and the collective power to fight cancer. The interview ignited the curiosity of the community and left them eagerly anticipating the event.

The Importance of Unity:

Pat and Telesa emphasized the significance of unity in the fight against cancer. Their interview served as a poignant reminder that when we stand together and share knowledge, we can make a substantial difference in the lives of those battling this disease.

Mark Your Calendars:

The interview on WDBJ not only educated the audience but also acted as a clarion call to action. It urged the community to mark their calendars for this Saturday, promising an event that will not only inspire but also bring hope and healing to all who attend.

The MLC Cancer Foundation founders' WDBJ interview was more than just a glimpse into the A Pink Event; it was a testament to the enduring power of passion, unity, and knowledge in the fight against cancer. As the excitement continues to build, we eagerly anticipate a successful and impactful A Pink Event 2023. Stay tuned for more updates, and join us in the fight against cancer this Saturday.

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