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Newly Diagnosed?

Being diagnosed with CANcer is one of the most devastating things you can hear from a doctor. And as shocking as it is to hear, it doesn't have to be where your story ends. I have been in your shoes. As a ten year survivor, I can tell you it isn't easy, but the fight is worth it. You are worth it! We understand that medical treatment can cause financial burdens with some families, let us help. We will try to alleviate some of the cost incurred due to treatment, so that you can focus on your treatment. If you are currently in the process of receiving treatment and need financial assistance, please complete our application form.

Medical Bills

Even with the assistance of your insurance provider, medical bills can quick accumulate. Deductibles and your out of pocket requirement can be burdensome. We CAN help!


Sometimes, just getting to the doctor or treatment center can be a financial hurdle and burden for some patients. MLC Cancer Foundation CAN help!

Insurance Co-Payments

We understand that we are living in tight times. For many of us even co-payments for important doctor visits are too expensive. Please do not miss that appointment.  We CAN help!


For parents that receive time intensive treatments  like chemotherapy, childcare services can be crucial and unfortunately expensive. We CAN help!


Medications are crucial to recovery and CANcer treatments. Due to costs, some patients may skip their scheduled dosage, or split pills to extend their inventory. We CAN help!


Outpatient care is a very common tool and service that many CANcer patients have to experience. For some, the cost after insurance coverage may still be a financial challenge. We CAN help!

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