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The MLC Cancer Foundation continues to achieve its mission to assist patients when diagnosed. In addition to financial support, our foundation educates all on preventative options and also testing benefits for the entire family. This year, we will partner with both Invitae and the Martinsville Henry County Coalition for Health and Wellness, to bring the most informative symposium to date!

Last year, our fundraiser raised over $20,000 and assisted cancer survivors with their travel and medical expenses while taking treatments. Our goal for this event is to raise $25,000. This year’s event will be held at the New College Institute 191 Fayette Street Martinsville, VA 24112 at 3pm on October 21, 2023. 

Guest speakers will be clinicians to coordinate workshops such as:

Female Assistance

Health Management

Our speakers will discuss topics such as: Implementing healthier foods to your diet, keeping regularly scheduled check-ups with your doctors, knowing your options with health insurance provider's coverage.

Healthy Eating

Healthy Living

CANcer prevention comes in different forms. Our speakers will discuss how dietary choices, consistent exercise, and genetic testing are all tools to arm yourself to help prevent a CANcer diagnosis. 

Doctor Office

Getting a CANcer diagnosis

Your story does not end here after hearing such a concerning statement from your doctor. Our speakers will discuss critical steps and options to use in your recovery process. Yes you CAN you Can beat CANcer!

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