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About Me

Nayo Wills, M.D. is a Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician who has been practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine for over 10 years. As a motivational and wellness speaker, Dr. Nayo is passionate about giving people back their power to create health and wellness in themselves. An engaging and fun speaker, she loves to connect with her audience infusing laughter and play into her workshops, seminars, and trainings.


Nayo Wills, MD, IFMCP, has been practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine for over 15 years. Over her years in practice, Dr. Nayo enjoys practicing integrative medicine, and she is also passionate about using her voice to allow more people to understand and lay down the foundation and pillars for optimal health. She works with small and large groups to share the keys tenets to creating and maintaining optimal health. Some of the pearls that she shares with her audiences include why it is necessary and how to:

  • Take back your power and your life to create a well mind, body and soul

  • Prioritize your connection with your Higher Power

  • Optimizing key systems to support vitality- including optimizing hormone, thyroid, adrenal (stress), heart, immune, metabolic and digestive health

  • Supporting Detoxification in the mind and body

  • Decreasing Inflammation

  • And much more...

Dr. Nayo offers her audience the latest science that supports how best to reclaim and maintain great health.

She has been speaking professionally for over two decades, and she has extensive training and experience in Integrative and Functional Medicine, and nutritional healing. She utilizes her medical experience to help her audiences find answers to the root cause of their symptoms and detect imbalances that may be making them feel ill or preventing them from meeting their wellness goals. When Dr. Nayo speaks to audiences, she offers key strategies to restore balance and promote healing. She breaks down how to practically implement the tools of stress reduction & management, mindfulness & meditation, grounding, improving nutrition, healing your gut, supporting detoxification, exercise, acupuncture, herbs/botanicals, and supplements to optimize their health. Dr. Nayo received her board-certification in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM). She recently completed her education in Functional Medicine with the Institute for Functional Medicine and received Certified Practitioner standing (IFMCP). She is also certified in acupuncture.

Dr. Nayo studied at The University of Virginia where she received her B.A. in Anthropology. She then attended Jefferson Medical College to obtain her M.D., and finally, completed her Internal Medicine Residency at the Washington Hospital Center.


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