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Battle for the Breast

beginning October 8th

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  P.O. Box 3582
Martinsville, VA 24115

Compassionate Breast Cancer Survivors

Myrtle Lee Carter - Breast Cancer


Join the fight against ovarian and breast cancer when you lend your time to the MLC Cancer Foundation in Martinsville, Virginia. Honored by the Martinville Bulletin and local television affiliate less than thirty days after its conception, our organization gains momentum every day. Our founder, a three-year breast cancer survivor, is dedicated to helping those who are diagnosed receive treatment.

Family Beginnings

After her grandmother lost her battle to cancer, our founder saw much of her family diagnosed as well and vowed to support them. Inspired by her mother, she decided to co-found this nonprofit in order to spread the same support to others. Due to the area's high numbers of cancer diagnoses, she and our team are committed to helping people get aware, eat right, and get tested.

Contact us today to join our breast cancer nonprofit and help to inspire fighters everywhere.